About the Books


These books were thoughtfully written to match your little one’s language abilities while also expanding on them. Read below to explore the ideas that helped guide the creation of these books.


This series is centered around daily routines (bed time routine, bath time, and snack time). Babies and toddlers learn so much about the world through familiar contexts and activities they engage in every day. Routines are consistent, predictable, and repeated daily, making them perfect opportunities to learn and build on language skills. 


Every book emphasizes words that are useful and functional, thus resonating with our early language learners. These can be everyday objects around the house, basic prepositions, family members, body parts, and animals. The aim is for our little ones to learn words that help them communicate in different ways, such as requesting and commenting.


The simple nature of the text makes these books engaging and easy to follow for young children. Repetition of key words and phrases throughout a story allows our little readers to refine their comprehension of a word and learn how it's used in different sentences. Furthermore, the predictability in the text gives children the confidence to fill in the blanks and participate in telling the story with us!


Each book highlights an everyday functional verb (“eat”, “sleep”, “wash”) that is repeated throughout the story. These verbs are chosen because they represent activities that all of us engage in regularly. Verbs are also extremely beneficial when children learn to combine words into phrases and sentences. With just one verb, there are so many different word combinations that can be made (example: EAT apple, mommy EATs, you EAT, EAT more, EAT rice, etc.). 


Included with each book is a reading guide that provides parents and caregivers with language-building strategies to use during reading time. These can also be easily integrated into the child's daily routines and playtime. By incorporating these strategies, busy parents can create a language-enriched environment for their children throughout the day in a fun and natural way without having to set aside time to build on language skills. 


Bright and simple illustrations are used to ensure the books are visually engaging and easy to interpret for young children. These illustrations capture the attention of our little ones without being overly distracting.